PAN Minglong,FANG Chunhua,YI Mancheng,et al.Influence of Cable Buckling on Bushing Force in Cable Chamber of Ring Main Units[J].High Voltage Apparatus,2019,55(05):94-99,107.[doi:DOI:10.13296/j.1001-1609.hva.2019.05.015]





Influence of Cable Buckling on Bushing Force in Cable Chamber of Ring Main Units
潘明龙1 方春华2 易满成3 顾春晖3 李桂军4 沈应涛4
(1. 广东电网有限责任公司清远供电局,广东清远511518;2. 三峡大学电气与新能源学院,湖北宜昌443002; 3. 南网广州供电公司,广州510080;4. 欧玛嘉宝(珠海)开关设备有限公司,广东珠海519070)
PAN Minglong1FANG Chunhua2YI Mancheng3GU Chunhui3LI Guijun4SHEN Yingtao4
(1. Qingyuan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Co.,Ltd.,Guangdong Qingyuan 511518,China;2. School of Electrical Engineering and New Energy,China Three Gorges University,Hubei Yichang 443002,China;3. Guangzhou Power Supply Company, CSG,Guangzhou 510080,China;4. Ormazabal Switch Equipment Limited Company(Zhuhai),Guangdong Zhuhai 519070,China)
ring main unitcable bucklingbushing forcefinite element simulation
环网柜在与三芯电缆连接时其穿墙套管经常受到较大的作用力而受损,原因是电缆具有很大的抗弯 刚度,其屈曲产生了较大的作用力于套管上。文中基于有限元分析建立了电缆芯线屈曲分析模型和电缆屈 曲试验,探究了标准安装时、T型套管偏斜时和电缆芯线截取过长时3种情况下套管高度、套管间距、电缆型 号和芯线弯曲形态对套管受力的影响规律,并提出合理建议来改善套管受力。为环网柜的设计和标准安装 提供了理论依据。
The wall bushing is often subjected to great force to be damaged or temperature rise when it connected with the three core cable. The reason is that the cable has large flexural rigidity,the force from cable buckling impact on the casing when the bushing connected to the split cable. In this paper,single?phase and three?phase model of ca? ble cores is established based on finite element analysis,then the influence of case bushing height,bushing spac? ing,cable type and core wire bending shape on bushing stress are analyzed under the three kinds of conditions of standard installation,T type bushing deflection and cable core line intercept over?length. Last,cable buckling tests are designed to validate the result,the result shows that the error in a reasonable range. It provides a theoretical basis for the production design and standard installation of the ring main unit.


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